People are concerned about the usage of non-renewable source of energy. There are several discussions ongoing regarding different renewable energy source. Talking about energy consumption in India, still, large populations are devoid of basic electricity supply. They have to rely on unhealthy options like firewood, kerosene oil, petroleum, etc. for their day to day work. The use of such unhealthy energy sources has a bad impact on the environment and on human health as well. However lately with the introduction of solar power for electricity, the problem of unhealthy energy resource consumption is getting better. We shall know the basics of solar power and its usage in the article.

Raman and Bijay are engineering students who are currently studying in Delhi. Raman is looking for a solar company in Gurgaon as he is looking to install a solar PV plant in his house. Bijay has one installed already so Raman decided to have a discussion about Solar Company in Delhi and its surrounding. Bijay actually used solar PV plant from Corrit Company which he believes is one of the best solar company in Delhi.

Raman: What exactly is Solar PV Plant?

Bijay: Before you understand what PV plant is, you must understand what solar energy is and how can it be converted into electricity.

Raman: Tell me then, what is solar energy is how can it be used as electricity?

Bijay: Solar energy is the energy produced from the radiation coming from the sun. The light rays emitted by the sun can be captured by a device to convert it into electricity and used for different purpose. Solar energy can be converted into electricity using PV (Photovoltaic) device.

Raman: What is PV solar device?

Bijay: PV also known as solar PVs are devices made from semiconductor materials like silicon. They are used to capture the sunlight that causes the electron to get loose in the semiconductor device. These loosed electrons get knocked and flow through the material and produce electricity also known as direct current (DC).

Raman: What is solar PV plant and why is it important?

Bijay: Solar PV plants are power stations that transform the sunlight directly into electricity. This electricity is later fed into the grid for distribution. They differ from other similar devices as they use photo-effect and do not rely on any additional devices. Similarly, they do not concentrate energy rather they transmit this electricity to the grid.

Rama: Now I understand this technology much better. Do you know what are the components that are used to make up PV plant? I want to know more about this magical device. You already told me about this solar epc company in Delhi. I am specifically looking for a solar company in Gurgaon so that I can get it installed easily.

Bijay: Listen, Raman, I will tell you briefly about the main components that make up the PV plants. The PV plants basically contain the below-mentioned components:

1. Solar Panel: It is used to produce electricity by converting the sunlight. This electricity produces direct current with a voltage up to 1500 Volts.

2. An inverter system that is required to convert the produced Direct current into Alternating current.

3. It also contains one monitoring system. This system is used to manage as well as control the plant.

4. There is one external power grid connected with the plants.

These are the main components of any solar plant used for producing electricity from solar power.

Before you throw me another question, I will let you know how these components are dependent on each other to produce electricity. The sunrays are received directly by the solar panel. The manufacturers of these panels make them using lead-free, anti-reflective and transparent glass. These panels are then mounted on structures supporting them and further connected to successive chains. To maximize the production of electricity the panels are also equipped with trackers that are used to track the movement of the sun. These trackers will help the panel to move around to utilize the maximum amount of solar power.

Once the panel converts the solar power into electricity, the brain (inverter) in PV plant converts this direct current into alternating current. Remember our houses have AC supply. The inverter also helps to increase the voltage of the current and transfer it further to the grid. This is how solar energy is converted into electricity that we can use in our house.

Raman: Well this is really informative. Thank you for a detailed explanation. I read somewhere about an efficient power plant. In your opinion what would make any power plant the most efficient solar power plant?

Bijay: This was the most intelligent question you have asked me today. You can simply measure the ability of any plant to convert sunlight into electricity. Let’s assume there are two solar plants receiving the same amount of sunlight during day time. The one that produces more electricity can be considered to be an efficient one. So, what are the factors that you need to make your plant produce more energy? Well, I would say a good set of solar panels made with right glass is important as they are the ones converting sunlight into electricity. However, for optimum output, other components in the plant must perform well. The quality product you are looking for can be bought easily from a solar company in Delhi. You can even get this plant from a solar company in Gurgaon.

Raman: Thanks a lot. I believe solar electricity has a lot of potentials and can be used as one of the best alternatives for normal electricity.