Solar energy in Haryana has witnessed rapid growth to become a fast-developing industry in recent times. The state has nearly 320 days of clear sun in a year, which offers a huge potential for exploring solar energy to meet the requirements of electricity generation. The concentrated focus and efforts of the State government to look for the option of solar power to meet growing energy demands have put the state among the fastest growing states in India. Haryana has a total installed and commissioned capacity of 73.37 MW till 2018. The state has set the target of 4.2 GW of total solar power generation capacity by 2022. Cities like Gurugram, Faridabad and Palwal are among the focus of the state to develop as future solar cities and has sanctioned huge projects worth crores with considerable solar power generation capacity.

Haryana's policy wrt Solar Energy Systems

Haryana’s state policy for Solar energy has a great scope of developing itself as a leader in overall solar power generation capacity. The salient features of the state policy for solar energy released in 2017 are mentioned below.
1. The state government has an investment plan of INR 7.5 billion to promote the generation of power using solar energy.
2. It aims to generate employment among the youth through the creation of solar centers of excellence for the upgradation of skills leading to a path of sustainable growth.
3. Creative and productive use of non-agricultural land for the construction of solar parks to develop socio-economic growth.
4. Develop an independent energy portfolio to polarise the focus on renewable solar power through decentralization and diversification.
5. Facilitation of panchayat land on lease/ rent basis for 30 years at affordable rates to set up solar power projects.
6. To promote the PPP model for the active participation of large stakeholders in building solar energy-based power projects in the state.
7. The state has mandated for the installation of solar power plants for industries, housing societies and commercial buildings to meet higher trajectory in solar power generation.

Incentive and subsidies for Solar Systems

The state has a huge potential for the generation of solar power through rooftop solar plant installation. The government has come up with a conducive and progressive plan to push solar power generation. The salient features of the incentives and the subsidies provided to consumers are mentioned below.

• 30% of subsidy over solar power plant cost is provided to the consumer in case of residential properties, hospitals and educational institutions.
• The setting up of the rooftop solar power plants doesn’t require permission from the building plan sanctioning authority as per the new policy released by the government.
• All charges and taxes concerning electricity are waived off for rooftop as well as ground-mounted solar power projects.
• 100% exemption from stamp duty charges provided for the MW scale projects applicable for registration of rent/lease of the land.
• The inclusion of upcoming projects of MW scale generating solar power into ‘Industry’ considered to be applicable for Industrial policy of the state. All incentives applicable to industrial units shall be applicable to the solar power producers.
• Solar companies in Gurgaon are to be exempted from infrastructure development charges, scrutiny fee and external development charges. The same has been extended for the complete state.
• The net metering policy of the state permits the solar power producers to sell electricity at the same price at which they are buying power through the grid.
• Solar power producers reduce the consumption of power from the grid, as they shift to solar power. They get the provision to shift to the lower slab of the tariff rates which consequently leads to lower per unit electricity charges.
• The rebate of Rs 1/ unit in electricity bill for setting up solar (residential) and 0.25 paise/ unit (others) on the total amount of solar generation is provided every financial year end.

Present scenario of Solar Power Installation in Gurgaon

Gurugram has been aimed to develop as the Solar city in Haryana. The National Institute of Solar energy has been developed at Gwal Pahari in Gurugram to study solar energy and its technology. In the recent past, Gurugram has been declared the headquarters for International Solar alliance which is a confederation of 121 countries committed towards solar power generation. Solar companies in Gurgaon has great opportunity to meet the reality of making Gurgaon as the solar city of the state. Scope for a solar company in Faridabad is growing exponentially considering the focus on expanding the solar power generation capacity in the city. Instead, Faridabad is considered to be the next in line of Gurgaon in becoming a solar city of the state. Cost of a solar plant in Gurgaon for a typical 1kW on-grid solar system is approximately 60,000 Rupees. A solar power plant requires minimal maintenance which makes it a an easy option for residents as well as commercial consumers.

R&D in solar power | National Institute of Solar Energy

The state of Haryana has bagged 500MW solar power project and is under construction phase. Numerous residential, as well as commercial buildings, are coming up with the installation of solar systems for homes in Gurgaon the state has recently announced to provide a subsidy of Rs 15,000 to such projects. Haryana Power Purchase Centre (HPPC) recently issued a tender for the development of 300 MW of grid-connected solar power project in the state.

Future Prospects

With the ongoing projects, the installation of large solar power projects in the state, it is evident that the future of solar energy has a long way to go to meet the energy demands. The scope for solar energy in Haryana has grown multiple times with the government policies favouring the market looking to explore and develop a renewable source of energy. Solar plant installation in Gurgaon has never been so fast growing as it is recently. Solar power plants in Gurugram for industries is one of the best ways of saving money and is being adopted by most of the consumers. Solar in Gurgaon is bringing new lease of life for the people with an affordable and clean resource for the generation of electricity and the state seems to be totally committed to making Haryana solar power rich in the coming future.