Energy is the most crucial part of our daily lives. One cannot imagine a life of darkness that the mankind has faced in earlier ages. Lights, Fans, Air Conditioners, Room heaters are as much a part of us as the ‘Roti, Kapda aur Makan’. Today, energy comes from thermal power plants and hydel power plants majorly which has a high carbon footprint. The Global Warming that is so much talked about is a result of lack of planning, mismanagement of natural resources and negligence.

Our future is under threat. Our existence is under threat. Americas just faced its worst winters. India too has been grappling with severe cold this season. Increased droughts, floods, warming, heat waves are a result of inaction.

Solar energy is the future of the world. It has the power to revolutionise our energy consumption. It brings in energy security, affordability and accessibility for more people. Rooftop solar power plants is another milestone. Now, one can get solar power installed at their homes and use the energy. In addition, generated power, if not consumed, can be supplied back to the grid and you get compensated for the same.

Moreover, it will help reduce pollution to a great extent. Another fact is that no greenhouse gases are emitted after the solar power plants installation in and Government is also supportive of the use of renewable sources of energy.

Don’t you want to be the part of a global revolution? A revolution that aims to protect the mother earth and to use the natural resources sustainably. Well, opt for solar energy by getting solar plants and rooftops solar plants to be installed at your residences and commercial establishments.